About Us




MIkasa Auto, based in Mumbai, INDIA is run by a team of professional mechanics. We have over 40 years of combined experience including automotive servicing and mechanical repairs, tyres and motor racing!

We are one of the leading auto repair shops serving customers in Mumbai. Here at Mikasa Auto we ensure customers have peace of mind - all cars serviced at are covered by our unique guarantee. We are conveniently located in the bay side suburb of Mumbai, and services all of MUmbai.


Facts about the Car technology

Mechanical repairs

Not only can we cater for more popular repairs such as servicing, tyre services and brake services, we can also perform maintenance and repairs for many of the other vehicle systems across a diverse range of vehicles and repair categories including air conditioning servicing, exhaust repairs, wheel and car suspension checks. If you need the best auto mechanic around, we have you covered.

Tyre Servicing at its Best

Cars need four tires to operate. Most vehicles come equipped with a spare tire in the trunk, just in case one of your regular tires blows or goes flat. In the event that a tire loses its pressure, you can use the spare tire as an interim tire until you get it replaced. Spare tires may be compact or donut spare tires which are smaller than regular tires, and for safety concerns shouldn’t be driven for long periods of time, but they allow you to get your car mobile again after a flat tire.

Air Conditioning

This comprehensive air conditioning service provided at Mikasa Auto is enhanced by extra services including deodorization and sanitization of the system, replacement of hoses, valves, receiver drier filter and thermostats and cleaning of radiator fins as required. In other words, The Workshop auto air conditioning services ensure that the car’s condition is not only as good as the original but even better.


Our fully trained and qualified mechanics will have you driving off as soon as possible – whether it involves a blown Gasket or simply a Gasket replacement. Again, we only use quality parts for your vehicle’s engine.