Head Light Repair


Headlight / Breaklight Repair

Headlights are about helping a driver see and, perhaps more importantly, helping a vehicle be seen. Most new cars come equipped with headlight bulbs instead of the whole headlamp units, which means you can simply replace the bulb. Some cars have four bulbs in the front (two for high beams and two for low); other cars only have two bulbs (each bulb can provide both high and low beam).
Brake light bulbs are located at the back of the car, housed inside a protective covering (lens). The brake light turns on when you push the brake pedal, letting drivers know that you are slowing down.

Headlight Repairing

  • Inspect the bulbs, sockets and wiring.
  • Remove and replace the faulty bulb.
  • Operate headlamps and check operation of all other lights.

Brakelight Repairing

  • Inspect brake bulbs, sockets and wiring.
  • Replace the bulb, if faulty.
  • Check all the lights.